Lisa C. - "Great instructor. I recommend to anyone who needs to renew or obtain CPR or First Aid classes."

Jose H. - "Larry is the absolute best.  Easy to work with and works around your schedule.  Helped me get CPR and First Aid certified!"

Hector C. - "Personable, friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced. Makes the training interesting, useful and practical to every day life. I would definitely recommend Larry for CPR training."

Lizabeth T. - "Very knowledgeable, thorough content, instructor is very friendly and accommodating. Definitely recommend this course!"

Joelle Y - "Larry SIMS was recommended to me from a friend. He gave me the education I needed in CPR classes for healthcare workers. He is fast efficient and very thorough in the educational materials he goes over. Absolutely a 5 star rating. I will see Larry every two years until my healthcare career ends."

Jessica T. - "I saw Larry today to renew my CPR card. Loved that he was quick and to the point. Explained everything with great detail. Always stopped and made sure any questions where answered. Will defiantly be seeing him in 2 years for renewal!"

Jane R. - "Larry is awesome!!! I couldn't make his class and he made accommodation to have a class taught in my home. Which saved me time and money. Thank you Larry. He is also thorough in his teaching."

Mai T. - "Great instructor and will definitely be back again when it's time to renew card.  Thanks Larry!"

Maria I. - "I have had a First Aid class today and it went very great. Larry is very knowledgeable with a lot of experience in medical field.  He was able to answer all my questions,  provided real life examples, used visual and hands on approach. He also printed supplemental material for me to refer to if I need. Very professional, respectful, calm. Do recommend."

Julia T. - "After a terrible experience with another local company that provides CPR classes, a co-worker recommended that I contact "her guy," Larry, at BLS Services.  I called him midday today and asked if I could attend his class tonight.  Despite the fact that the class was only a few hours later, he invited me to join and confirmed the location and time of the class.  Larry offers the classes out of his home. He has the front room (formal living/dining area) converted into a classroom, and it works perfectly.  There are a couple of sofas and and several chairs lining the perimeter of the room, leaving plenty of floor space open for the hands-on portion of the course.  Music  played while we filled out our paper work and got situated.  There's even a table with ice cold bottles of water and a bowl of chocolates (awesome!) for student to enjoy during the class. There are enough mannequins for each of the students to have their own (unlike MANY other classes I have attended) allowing the class to move along quickly.  Larry is patient and adept working with students of all skill levels and backgrounds.  Larry offers private lessons and classes for groups.  He has been teaching CPR classes for over 20 years, and it shows. The class was concise but extremely informative.  The classroom was comfortable and welcoming.  The instructor was fun, experienced and kept the class moving.  I would highly recommend BLS Services to anyone in need of a CPR or First Aid course!  I will definitely be back in two years when it is time to renew!"

Shaw J. - "I called Larry at BLS while I was in town on a layover in PHX to satisfy a company training requirement. I received the First Aid/CPR/AED training. He made time for my schedule and we met the following morning one on one at his classroom. Larry is friendly and professional. His class is affordable and conducted in an efficient method which is tailored to the experience level of the student. I would recommend Larry to anyone in any setting, whether he comes to you, your group or one on one. His presentation material is up to date and he is highly knowledgeable. His materials are also clean and safe."

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